Basil Martini

I LOVE martinis! There are so many wonderful variations of them.  My favorite for the most part is a vodka martini, very dry, dirty, with blue cheese stuffed olives!  Now doesn’t that sound absolutely wonderful?!  In the summertime, it does make you think of other ones to try and this basil martini hits the spot for a refreshing, delicious change of pace.  Sitting out on our deck at cocktail hour with the sun starting to let up a bit it hits the spot!  If you like basil and want to try something a little different, then this is for you!  Enjoy!!!

2 1/2 jiggers of vodka or gin. 1 jigger simple syrup. 1 jigger fresh squeezed lime juice. 4 fresh sweet basil leaves. 1 fresh spearmint leaf (or to taste).

Muddle the basil, simple syrup and lime juice together. Add gin or vodka. Combine in a cocktail shaker with loads of ice. Shake until there are shards of ice and the mix turns frothy. Strain.  I added the top of my basil plant that had a bloom.  Again, adding flowers to food or drink seems to be a favorite theme 🙂

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