Grandma’s flaky buttermilk biscuits

Ok. So I have tried so many different recipes for the “best” biscuits.  Most of them have been “okay” but not amazing.  I wanted one that I felt was amazing.  “Okay” was not going to be good enough to beat the ones from the frozen food isle that we loved.  I wanted a recipe that would be something I could rely on if we couldn’t get the ones at the store for some reason.

Well, suffice to say, these are the amazing biscuits I was looking for and they surpass the ones at the store!!! As  you can see from the picture, they are beautiful, flaky, golden, buttery and delicious!!!  This will be my ONLY go to recipe for biscuits. I am throwing away all others that I have saved and tried.  No need to have them taking up space in the saved recipes pile!!!

I recently made these for company and it was a unanimous thumbs up!  Guest approved!!! So good all on their own or with jam, honey, or more butter.  And don’t forget biscuits and gravy!!!

I hope you give them a try and feel as good about them as I do.  I know in this day and age its super simple to go quick and easy from the frozen food isle, but give these a shot when you feel like trying something “homemade”.  You won’t be disappointed. 🙂 ♥

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