Baking, cooking, and Holiday craziness!

Omgoodness , do you all go crazy at this time of year with wanting to make appetizers, desserts, and side dishes??!!! Or is it just me????  I’m out of my mind finding sooooo many things I want to make!!! Between Facebook, Pinterest, cooking magazines, and cooking shows on TV,  I’m completely overwhelmed with things I want to try.   I’ve bookmarked, saved, and printed a ton of delicious recipes! Just yesterday I went through 75  “best” pictures of appetizers for the holidays. Are you kidding me?? That doesn’t even cover the other categories!!! Needless to say I’ve saved a ton of them.  I’m telling you .. I’m obsessed, out of control, and totally consumed with the mere thought of making things that I just know are amazing😋  There isn’t enough time or people to consume all that I want to do.

My dear friend told me she’s noticed I do this every year at this time. I can’t get it out of my mind until I make it! Along the way, I’ve had plenty of misses and flops… trust me. It’s not all success. Today…. I started off with a messy kitchen that I hadn’t cleaned up from last night’s experiment dinner 🙁  The dinner sounded SOOOO impressive!  Roasted pork tenderloin with a Cherry, Balsamic, Zinfandel glaze, on top of a caramelized Fennel Gremolata.  I loved it, but my husband thought it was just “ok”.  Sounded impressive enough. But oh well. If you think this sounds good and want the recipe, message me. 🙂

So, this  morning, in the midst of last nights dinner that I hadn’t completely cleaned up, I just had to try making a copycat version of Starbucks version of sous vide egg bites for breakfast. Ok. That was just ok. A lot of effort for not much reward.

Did that, did dishes, and started the next thing I just “had” to make…. A pumpkin cake roll. Yep, just had to do that.. I messed up a part where I was supposed to add additional flour and had to go back and try to make that right  That was a bit messy and frustrating .  So I’ve now spent most of the day in my kitchen, created tons of dishes, no dishwasher, experimenting with recipes and no one but me and my husband to try these things out. Brilliant.

The pumpkin cake roll did turn out pretty good, (get the recipe here) but, really, now its almost time to start dinner! My oh My, I do know how to waste a day and make a mess.  We actually did do one really constructive thing…..We made ourselves go do a 1.5 mile hike!  A lot of it up hill!!!  That was a SHOCK to our system!  We are so out of shape its not even funny. 🙁

And to top it all off, today we thought we should just come back from that hike and have a drink, watch some football and “relax” from our strenuous physical activity!!! We are a little ridiculous. Yep, we are. 😁

Having said that, I really want this to be a good Holiday season in every way!! So here’s to  good food, good drink, a little exercise, and tons of holiday fun, shared with family and friends. ♥

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