♪♪♫ It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…♫♪

Well, well, well, here we are again.  Christmas is fast approaching and I have not done nearly all the things I swore I was going to do!!!  What happened to all those recipes I was going to bake, make, create, and post?????????  For cryin’ out loud, I had the best of intentions but I’ve been doing good just to keep my head above water and praying for school to let out so I can have two whole days IN A ROW that I am home to do what I’d like 🙂

Not only have I not been on here showering you with amazing, yummy things to make for the Holidays, I also have not been getting done what I need to do for Christmas.  It is the 19th of December and I still need to put up a tree, write a few Christmas cards, decorate a bit, clean a lot, get ready for company, and shop for the goodies we will need to cook and bake.  (How did I ever do it all with four little kids at home????)

I did attempt to make gingerbread men.  In all the years of cooking and baking I have never made gingerbread cookies! It should have been a breeze, but I wanted to get all fancy and do crazy decorating.  If only I’d been happy with two eyes and three little buttons.  But no, I wanted “awesome” gingerbread men.  With little santa hats and scarves.  Hmmmph!  They looked like a first grader did them and so I had to start over.  If you’ve ever worked with Royal icing you will know that it has to be a certain consistency. Mine….sadly was not. But too late, it was in the decorating bag and that was that.  However, I am trying to redeem myself and will be baking another batch.

Hoping your Holiday prepping is going well and that you are all ready for the fun part!  I know its coming………I just don’t know quite when. 🙂

p.s.  I did make some super yummy Avocado egg rolls that I’ve also posted in “Recipes” section.

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If you make these, check where I post recipes to see what changes I made.  There were a few things I changed or added that made them even better!!!

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