Summer, summer, summer!😎

Hi there everyone!!! Its been awhile since I’ve been here! I thought once summer began I would be lolly-gagging around with nothing but time on my hands and I would surely be touching base with you all. Hmmmm.🤔 That didn’t seem to be exactly how things worked out.

I started off summer catching up on things around the house and yard a bit. Then we left for a wonderful vacation to see the central California coastline. Traveled mostly on highway 1 which was absolutely gorgeous!!! Once we returned, it was back to catching up around here. So much to do. Everything was needing attention. The house, the garden, laundry, bills, etc. And everything takes time! So….. Here it is, 3 weeks into July and I’m finally going to sit and take a break and let you know I’m still around. 🙂

I’ve spent lots of time trying to get the garden in shape. I planted 16 new dahlias, tons of cosmos, bachelor buttons and a few other things out in the garden. All flowers, and no veggies. I keep saying I’m going to add veggies but every year I get way too caught up in the pretty flowers and don’t get around to making a place for vegetables. However, I know one of these days I will do it!

For those of you who do have vegetable gardens and have planted zucchini, I know there’s usually an abundance of it. I found two recipes using zucchini that I absolutely love.😋 So, I’ve been cooking up zucchini like crazy this summer!

The first recipe is for zucchini lasagna roll ups. I was so happy I tried this and it tasted just like lasagna!! My husband is not a zucchini fan and when I made this I offered to make him something else if he didn’t like it. He actually said it was good and went back for another helping! Click here for the recipe

The next recipe is for a very summery side dish. Parmesan zucchini and roasted corn. I’ve made this with and without the parmesan. Its good either way. Sooo delicious and easy to make. It takes very little time and is bright and fresh.  FYI: the fire-roasted corn from Trader Joes works great for this dish!  Click here for the recipe

I’m still planting flowers on the deck and out in the garden. 🌻🌼🌷 I can’t seem to help myself! I found a bunch of flowers/plants on sale the other day and came home with a few more. I need to stop. I just need to let things grow and flourish and reap the rewards of picking bouquets and taking in the beauty. Or as they old saying goes…..take time to smell the roses!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer and getting to do some things you love.❤ I made a promise to myself a couple years ago that summers were going to count from now on. Taking time to see friends and family, going places, having people over, gardening, doing some photography, cooking, etc. I’ve been doing just that and I hope you have been too. Summers go by way to quickly and its such a wonderful time to spend doing things that make you happy. Here’s to making some summer memories ❣


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