Chili lime shrimp

Omg….. I found this spice at Trader Joe’s called chili lime seasoning and it is wonderful on shrimp….. especially done on the BBQ!!  Simply skewer the shrimp,  brush with olive oil,, and generously sprinkle this wonderful spice on both sides. BBQ at around 400 on both sides for about 3 min each or until just…

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Let’s sit in the front yard…..

There is just something really wonderful about catching the last of the days sun in the front yard.  It’s one of our favorite places to have an evening cocktail.  Who ever may be here as this takes place, is taken on the journey with us to sit where the sun, the grass, the breeze and…

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Apps and such….

Playing with effects I had the best day discovering new programs and apps for the flower pics!  This is one we had a lot of fun with. It takes your beautiful photo and adds various degrees and effects of watercolors and paints. So much fun to play around with!!!  You might want to check it…

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