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Thoughts of today

By Jennifer Elders | August 28, 2018

So much to be thankful for. 😊💕 Family I adore, friends I love, and an appreciation for the little things in life.

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Summer coming to an end…… sigh….

By Jennifer Elders | August 28, 2018

Another summer is coming to an end. How can that be?? Where did it go?? Please don’t leave! The flowers have bloomed beautifully. The grass has been soft and green, and the garden was lovely all in all. Summer is a time where we can  all find moments of joy in the smallest of things.…

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Apps and such….

By Jennifer Elders | August 21, 2018

Playing with effects I had the best day discovering new programs and apps for the flower pics!  This is one we had a lot of fun with. It takes your beautiful photo and adds various degrees and effects of watercolors and paints. So much fun to play around with!!!  You might want to check it…

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Friends day

By Admin | August 20, 2018

I had two dear friends here for a lovely visit.  A little wine, a little food, and a lot of chatting amongst the flowers that surrounded us on my deck.  They helped me figure out what to do about creating a website. So generous with their advice and patience!  They assured me that this would…

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About Me

Hi, I'm Jennifer. So glad you stopped by the website!!  I love cooking, gardening, and photography and this is a place where I can bring it all together to share with you.
I live in a beautiful area called Lake Quinault in the Olympic Rain forest. I'm married and have four children who were all raised here.
I'm always on the lookout for a good photo whether it be flowers, food, family, or the scenic area in which I live.  So many things, so little time!
I'm looking forward to you stopping by, and me finding more and more to share with you ♥