Roasted tomato, basil, and cheese crostini

By Jennifer Elders | September 18, 2018

  These crostini’s are hands down, one of my favorite go-to recipes. They never disappoint and everyone loves them. Besides the fact they look downright delicious, they really are scrumptious!! The only thing I’ve done a little different is I added one fresh pressed garlic clove. The cheese mixture can be made ahead and kept…

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Cream of Celery Soup

By Jennifer Elders | September 12, 2018

I decided to post this cream of celery soup for one because it delicious and for two because its pretty, isn’t it?  Now I know pretty doesn’t count with a lot of people, especially if it doesn’t taste good!  No amount of pretty is going to make something taste good. BUT, on the other hand,…

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Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

By Jennifer Elders | September 10, 2018

Oh these are so good. So much to love here!  Tasty, easy to prepare, and can be done ahead. Not to mention, keto friendly if you are doing that!  I made these and we loved them. I wanted to add the link to the recipe but I am going to have to type it out…

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Chili lime shrimp

By Jennifer Elders | September 7, 2018

Omg….. I found this spice at Trader Joe’s called chili lime seasoning and it is wonderful on shrimp….. especially done on the BBQ!!  Simply skewer the shrimp,  brush with olive oil,, and generously sprinkle this wonderful spice on both sides. BBQ at around 400 on both sides for about 3 min each or until just…

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Cheddar Cheese Crackers

By Jennifer Elders | September 2, 2018

These little crackers…….OH MY GOODNESS! So delicious. Can’t stop at one. Delightful to have all on their own or with a lovely glass of wine.  I got the recipe for these from a cooking show I watched. They are better than the ones you buy that look a little like this. Actually, they are so…

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Lemon Bars with Violas

By Jennifer Elders | August 22, 2018

Oh my oh my!  Just the mere thought of bringing two loves of my life together!!! Flowers AND food???????  Lemon bars AND Violas!!!  How much better does it get?  These are the most delicious lemon bars, and I’ve tried so many.  I take these to bazaars and holiday fairs that I participate in, and they…

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Fondant Potato

By Jennifer Elders | August 21, 2018

Thinking this is a scallop??  NOPE!  Its actually a potato!!! When I first heard “Fondant Potatoes” on a cooking show, I was immediately intrigued. I’d never heard the term fondant applied to anything besides a type of frosting for a cake or cookies. I started looking up what exactly this was and how to do…

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